What you should know about direct sale

What You Have to Know About “Sell By Owner” Deals in Puerto Vallarta

The Real Estate business is very competitive; so when considering to “Sell By Owner”, keep the following in mind:

Lo dejan plantadoNo-Shows

You will be stood up, and Time Consuming. You will have to stop doing other things to make time to promote and show your property; and remember, many people will just waste your time.

You will waste a lot of time trying to figure out whether your property is priced competitively for the location and current market conditions.


Do you really have the experience and tools you need to take advantage of every opportunity you get and to close the sale without compromising the titleship of your property?


Will you grant access to your property, your family and even your personal information to anybody knowing the risks?


Are you prepared to spend days, weeks, weekends, holidays and vacations showing your property and taking care of client’s requests? Are you aware that thereare 3 fundamental reasons why properties do not sell as fast as others?


8 razonesGiving Possession

Would you take money in order to close the sale of your property? In what terms? Would you give possession of your property for a significant upfront deposit?


Taxes TAXS

Are you aware there are taxes incurred by both parties: seller and buyer? Do you know all the exceptions and in which cases the can be applied?


Apart from friends and family, how many more people are working full-time promoting and selling your property?

Legal Issuespesas

You will have to take care of all legal formalities; drafting and execution of agreements and contracts and to assume all responsibilities.

Answer emails, take genuine and faux calls, elaborate and update property profiles… all these, on top of your professional and family affairs.

When dealing with Independant Sale Agents, analyze the following:

Consequences  novato

Hiring an informal and/or inexperienced agent could bring you problems far greater than you can imagine.  Backing  – You can loose valuable time and even money. Don’t risk your assets.
team work

Proven Results

How many properties has the agent sold in the past months? In what locations? What kind of properties?

Team – ¿Is it affiliated to an association that backs it up, provide training and where can share the information about your property so that it is placed and exposed quicker?

Is it the most prudent? To put the property in the market WITHOUT A CONTRACT OF EXCLUSIVITY: 

Did you know that the majority of the problems and lawsuits could have been avoided if had approached to a real estate sin compromisoprofessional company?


compromisoMost of the real-estate professionals show and promote first their properties in exclusivity because it guarantees a return of their invested time and money.

Without Exclusivity means NO COMMITMENT?

Your property will be less exposed; it would not be able to compete at the same level with all the other 1,400 properties in exclusivity listed with established professional companies.


Exclusivity is a commitment between the real-estate professional and yourself in order to reach a goal. Today the buyers are more intuitive clients:  They tend to think that there is something wrong with the property because it is not with a professional company?


Nothing is easy, and for that reason, this is something that we would do for you.

Hire a professional real estate agent.

We will use our real-estate database and shall present you with a more competitive Price, so that your property is at a selling Imagen2price.  We shall inform you of the property taxes that may arise from the sale, the payment methods available and the possible exemption or possible recovery of the taxes.

Attend and filter the true interested buyers against the calls that are just suspicious or informative. Analyze and elaborate contracts, process paperwork, Work along with the notaries involved for the closing in order to accelerate the selling process. Explaining and guiding the buyers on the available and existing financial options.

The person that is selling your property must know the property very well:

We will expand your options and opportunities, By placing your property on the most  popular electronic media THAT ARE AT BOTH LOCAL AND NATIONAL LEVEL.

We aim for a more EFFECTIVE form of promotion with the  LOCAL REAL-ESTATE OFFICES,  and also with ampi -verdethe PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE COMPANIES at a NATIONAL LEVEL sharing their Properties, curses, training and actualization with modern technology for your own benefit.

We belong to AMPI which increases the possibilities for success on our behalf.

You are part of this business; consider the following which is very important information:

The real estate business also got a downfall with the recent economic situation.

1Lack of liquidity?  Restricted Mortgages loans?

Today a great number of buyers are Government Employees or Social housing buyers.

We want to shorten the time of the sale. However, for that we need your help, here are some basic suggestions.

If your property is not at the selling price, this will help other Properties that are at a good competitive market price to sell faster… THINK ABOUT IT!

Make sure that there is no legal restriction or problem that may prohibit your property to sell.Imagen1

You cannot promote your property, but you can present it the best possible way and of course adjust it to the right price. Buyers like properties that are clean, odorless, painted with light colors and well maintained.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.