Vallarta Vibrates!!

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Vallarta Vibrates!!

Puerto Vallarta is a city that gives you the feeling of living in an old world with modern amenities surrounded by majestic mountains that stretch into the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. With cobbled stone streets amid beautiful colonial and modern buildings. This city offers beaches that hide ancient secrets, who praise our Mexican heritage and traditions.

Vive Vallarta y su encanto en este video


What is most unique to Puerto Vallarta Jalisco is its people. This beautiful destination offers to our visitors a kaleidoscope of different cultures all together, as we have arrived from different places of the world and created a new life experience of coziness and at the same time family oriented. There is no place like Puerto Vallarta, with a wonderful charm of a small town but that has a cosmopolitan feel.


As in any city, Puerto Vallarta was created for people who wanted new life opportunities but with the difference that wanted more than just material success, but more of a spiritual life, part of it also defines us besides what surrounds us for those who were born here and those who were attracted by a dream.

Our awakening to a new day is with the sunrise over the mountains of the Sierra Madre, feeling the cool sea breeze gently floating around us and through the Bay of Banderas, and on the other side is the forest of the mountains vibrating in its extraordinary green emerald. This is the framework in which our city of Vallarta rises every to a new day. We invite you to visit and watch us as how the city comes to life in this spectacular skyline. This is our Puerto Vallarta.  Welcome.

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