Sign or not to sign a listing contract

An Important Decision to Make!


 To sign or not a contract of exclusivity for several months to a Real Estate Runner so that he or she can promote your property for sale…You could have the following questions…

¿Are they honest?, Do they know how to do their work?, Is the fee that they are charging me, the correct one?,  Are they professionals?,  What are the services they can offer me?, Do they do the correct promotion?,  Will they be informing me regularly of the progress of the promotion?,  Will I be able to cancel the contract before the expiration time of the contract?

 2People think that it would be better to give the property to many Real Estate professionals to promote it, it sounds fine;  However, it is not the right thing to do,  because if your  put in the position of the Realtor, you would not invest  of your own money on publicity expenses, promotional expenses, showings to possible clients, putting signs, hiring services from a multi listing database company,  talking to colleagues, to invest time and money of the realtors and your own, spending spent time writing contracts and so on, in order to find out later on that the owner has already sold the property to his/her friend or a relative and thus will not pay any commission  to the realtor who has already invested a lot of time, money and effort on promotion.

What has to be done to Promote the Property in Puerto Vallarta?

Choosing carefully and wisely an already established Professional Real Estate Office who has capable Export Wizard-6and professional sellers with an extensive experience. . . And that is subscribed into an electronic Real Estate Multi Listing  Company  who shares with other agents the commission fees, that is part of a solid system, inscribed in the Mexican Revenue Bureau, who issues payment receipts for the services provided,  and that you are able to ask them to explain you  all and every single one of the services  that will be giving you for the sale Or rent to be successful.

AMPIIn addition to that, you must search for a Real Estate Agent who uses the national Real Estate Association such as AMPI Mexico, who are  more than 900 Affiliates just on the Regional AMPI, Keeping people constantly informed of the properties listed though an informative business Presentation, and that must be a member of the USA Association of Realtors. That way they shall be authorized to send Information not just to the USA but  to Canada as well.

How Would It Be A Contract Of Exclusivity For Your Patrimony:

It is the agreement made between the Selling Agency and the Owner of the Property,  for the sales promotion of the same,  where certain factors intervene, or important parts of the contract:

Who is Hiringconveniando
Duration of the Contract
Reason to Sell
Property Description
Conditions and Agreed Price
Specific Conditions
Sales Commission

contrato-de-compraventaThe contract is written by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Promoters Puerto Vallarta Section (AMPI) made to clarify from the beginning the important points that protect both, the Owner as well as the Real Estate Agency Involved, terms agreed upon the conditions of the Promotion of the Property.

There are clauses that cannot be modified or cancelled and others that shall have the valid specific information of the property.  Thank you very much for considering our Company for the promotion of your life investment