5th of May “Day of the Battle of Puebla”

El cinco de Mayo se celebra un acontecimiento muy importante para los Mexicanos / May 5th marks a very important event for Mexicans.

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5 of May “Day of the Battle of Puebla”

It commemorate when the Mexican army defeated the French army with a mayor victory that had a global resonance. Mexico defeated the most experienced and renowned army of the world at that time.


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The Battle of Puebla took place on May 5th 1862 near the city of Puebla (Mexico), in the attack and defense of Loreto´s Fort and Guadalupe Fort, during the French invasion of Mexico. We celebrate with pride the work performed by our brave compatriots who joined in one body, forgetting about their liberal or conservative ideologies that had the country in internal war and separation. But for a moment, they decided to be just Mexicans fighting for what belongs to them, their land and honor. That is the reason we celebrate this historical event with the Festivities of “Cinco de Mayo”


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